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The Studio

New Jersey

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Mon - Sun: 9am - 9pm

Become a Model

in New Jersey

Things to know before becoming a class model

Models are required to pay upfront a non-refundable booking fee of $100 to cover price of supplies/ensure your spot. (Model rate is $100 and $50 touchup. )

 If you plan to be a model at Rebel Aesthetic you will be in great hands. 

  1. Please do not enlist to be a model if you are uncertain of your availability or hesitant to get tattooed. Bookings for classes are only on specific dates and specific times. Students will not be able to graduate their class if they are missing having completed their model. Keep in mind, many students have traveled over state lines to train with us. Having to return could cost the student thousands of dollars in travel expenses from the result of an unreliable model. Please be mindful of your commitment.
  2. PMU students perform basic powder eyebrow techniques, slim liner, lash enhancement and lip blush in our Fundamental PMU classes. Advanced techniques are only reserved for advanced level students in advanced classes.
  3. You may experience time delays as students are becoming accustomed to their new skill. We’d rather not rush them, as I’m sure you’d agree. We estimate your visit with us to be about two hours but we recommend giving yourself a generous time cushion of an added hour just in case.
  4. Additional sessions are not required, however, in order to get the best results, we strongly advise a second session, called a completion session. As a model you have two options for your second session: You may get your completion session in our professional studio at our normal rate of $200 for one session with Tara. This option will allow you to get your result faster and extend the longevity of your tattoo. You may opt to wait until the next class date and pay another model fee. The next class may not be for six months or more and may be cancelled if seats are not sold. In this case models wait until the next available class is confirmed.

Hopefully this information helps you to form realistic expectations and to have a great experience. We have many systems and safety practices in place to ensure a good outcome. We look forward to having you visit with our proud students!

*YOU MUST email a clear picture with no makeup in the desired area & LET US KNOW what services you are interested in.

Sign up to become a Permanent Cosmetic model

Do you want to be a model for a discounted rate

We are always looking for suitable permanent makeup models for our training courses. 

All procedures are supervised & assisted by Platinum trainer, Tara Rebel.

PMU Model Criteria

For the safety of your health and outcome, we will NOT perform treatments on anyone with the following contraindications. 

– Those with a fever, cough, or any other illness

– Pregnant or lactating women and for 3 months post pregnancy

– Anyone under the age of 18

– Those taking certain medications that thin the blood such as Coumadin, Lovenox, and prescription or over the counter (OTC) NSAIDS

– Blood clotting disorders or hemophilia

– Skin moles, skin lesions, infections, during a herpetic outbreak, or inflammatory response anywhere on the area or nearby surroundings

– Those taking antibiotics or oral steroids

– Recent sun exposure to the area of concern (2 weeks before)

– Those prone to keloid scarring

– Those on Accutane in the past year

– Those with an allergy to Lidocaine, Tetracaine or dye. If allergic to Epinephrine, let artist know to use a non-epi numbing

– Anyone who had chemotherapy in the past year

– Those with uncontrolled diabetes or blood pressure

– Those with autoimmune diseases or major heart problems

(You must be flexible with your time on the day and not in any rush)

During the course we will be watching and supporting the student every step of the training.

After care will be explained.

Photos will be taken so you must sign and give consent for them to be used for marketing and advertising if required.

*YOU MUST email a clear picture with no makeup in the desired area & LET US KNOW what services you are interested in.

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